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Мы существуем на рынке более 15 лет и имеем значительный опыт поставки и производства
высококачественной гофротары и картонной продукции нашим партнёрам.

Каждый клиент для нас уникален, для каждого мы ищем индивидуальный подход!

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Bert Quiles 15.06.2020 13:02

We have available the following, with low minimum order requirements - if you or anyone you know is in need:

-Custom Printed Masks – reusable, washable – 100% custom printed !
-3ply Disposable Masks
-KN95 masks and N95 masks with FDA, CE certificate
-Gloves (Nitrile and Latex)
-Disposable Gowns
-Sanitizing Wipes
-Hand Sanitizer
-Face Shields
-Oral and No Touch Thermometers

-We are based in the US
-All products are produced Vietnam, Bangladesh, China or US – depending on item and quantity.
-We are shipping out every day.
-Minimum order size varies by product
-We can prepare container loads and ship via AIR or SEA.

Please reply back to lisaconnors.2019@gmail.com

Let me know the item(s) you need, the quantity, and the best contact phone number to call you

Thank you,

Lisa Connors
PPE Product Specialist

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